There's just something about waking up, stumbling to the coffee pot, and brewing yourself a nice hot cup of joe to start your day. It's that little refreshing bolt of a delicious, warm caffeinated beverage that really sets my day in motion.

As many coffee drinkers probably share this daily ritual of an unconscious adventure to their kitchen first thing in the morning, what about those who pair up and get java out on the town at a nearby coffee shop?

Whether it's an old friend...

So you haven't seen you're good friend in ages and have absolutely no clue what's new in their life. Maybe you're both crazy busy and don't have the time or cash to plan a whole day at the spa or out on a shopping trip.

The great thing about coffee shops: you can usually stay for as little or as long as you'd like. The baristas are not quick to rush their customers out the door unless they'll be following right behind them at closing. It's that happy medium for when you don't want to go out for a big meal or alcohol.

A romantic interest...

Let's face it; going on a date can be intimidating, especially a first one! There are several good reasons why a coffee shop makes the perfect hot spot for so many first time get-togethers.

Unlike a movie where chit-chatting is frowned upon or a restaurant that may be loud and hectic, coffee shops offer a quiet, calm, inviting atmosphere that give their patrons a chance to get to know one another. The idea of going out for coffee also doesn't imply a long time commitment and there is usually no obligation of feeling like you need to stay for an extended period of time.

Or a trusted co-worker...

We all know the hustle and bustle of the work place can be anything but relaxing. A lot of coffee shops are located at the most convenient locations making them an excellent spot for co-workers to gather at on lunch break.

Say you and your business partner want to get some work done out of the office, coffee shops are known for their tech savvy patrons and offer wifi for those who feel like being productive. Not only do they have an awesome variety to satisfy just about everyone's taste buds, but it can be much cheaper than getting lunch elsewhere!

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