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In Passing | Series

2014 | Canon Rebel XTi Digital SLR Camera, Adobe: Photoshop

When I was a young child I spent most of my days outside, through this I have gained appreciation for the natural beauty that surrounds us and the importance of using its peacefulness as an opportunity to reflect on one’s own life. This series conveys a personal approach on capturing images of places I pass on relaxing drives. They capture scenes that I encounter through my eyes and how I perceive my surroundings. Big empty fields, to me, represent an escape from the fast-paced lifestyle that most of us live, and allow us time to reflect on oneself. I hope these images elicit contemplation on perception of existence within the scene. This has been a way to explore my surroundings in greater detail and learn more about myself in the process as to how I feel about my own place in the world. I hope to portray the awe and idea of nostalgia from your surroundings or your memories, being in a specific location during a specific time in your life when maybe you felt free or calm.