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Tableau | Gender Study

2104 | Canon Rebel XTi Digital SLR Camera, Adobe: Photoshop

People are often brought up under the impression that each gender has its own stereotypical roles. It is not uncommon for females to be viewed as the gender that cooks, cleans, raises children, and wears dresses, while the male is often stereotyped as being served by the woman. The man plays the role of the working individual, the breadwinner for the family. Despite this being far from the truth in today’s world, as many women work to help fiscally provide for their family, each gender is still stereotyped by their qualities in relationships. Whether it is a heterosexual or homosexual relationship, there is often a feminine and masculine role cast on each individual. These images were meant to portray those stereotypes by showcasing each gender performing tasks normally representative of a specific gender. The same female and the same male, respectively, are playing both parts in each frame. This is to show that despite whatever sex one may identify with, they are still subjected to gender stereotypes.